Why We Exist

Updated: 9 Jun 2020

Adventist Commons is like the "creative commons" of Adventist mission resources for the unreached people groups of the 10/40 window and the world. You would be surprised to know that in many of the world's major language groups, there isn't a single Adventist tract or booklet. Or, in places where a few outreach materials have been translated, they are inappropriate for the religious context because they only answer the questions that Western Christians ask.


    AdventistCommons.org provides the global church with Adventist evangelistic and discipleship resources that are:

    • Theologically sound, based on the present truth contained in the Three Angels' Messages, with a core emphasis on Jesus Christ.
    • Culturally relevant for the people groups of the 10/40 window, prepared and reviewed by Adventist missiologists and theologians
    • Unhindered by copyrights that restrict free translation and distribution
    • Downloadable and printable from wherever you are in the world
    • Made available through a crowd-translation platform

    • 5,036,506,980 people live in the 10/40 window. This is 66.3% of the world's population. 3,044,291,000 (or 60.44%) of those living within the 10/40 window are considered unreached.
    • There are 2,851 languages spoken in the 10/40 window. Traditional Adventist publishing only prints in 112 of these languages.
    • In the last 8 years, worldwide number of languages containing printed Adventist publications has seen a decrease, not increase.
    • Traditional publishing houses in the 10/40 window lack human resources and financial resources to create, translate, and print for many of the minority language groups in their territories.
    • Most mission resources in the 10/40 window are "imported" and translated from Western sources, which minimizes the cultural and religious effectiveness. Consider, for example, how a non-Christian would feel reading a tract that talks about how the blood of Jesus will save him. Save him from what? Save him with blood? Considering that Buddhists do not perceive of "sin" in the same way that we do, and considering that Muslims do not believe that Jesus died, you can imagine that an imported resource such as this would have a higher liability for misunderstandings and ineffectiveness. It is also uncommon to find materials dealing with realities that people in the 10/40 window struggle with – demonic harassment, community shame, impurity, avoiding curses and the power of witchcraft, or how to deal with the threat of competing wives. Localized content is a must.
    • Existing textual manuscripts and artwork are almost always under copyright and licensing restrictions that prevent free accessibility, usage, and translation in any location throughout the globe.


    • To create resources which are both contextual and relevant to the people groups of the 10/40 window, and yet clearly preserve the distinctive message and features of the Adventist faith.
    • To empower Adventists around the world to translate materials into every written language.
    • To provide every Adventist organization, institution, Global Mission Pioneer, front-line worker, and church member with access to evangelistic and discipleship resources such as tracts, booklets, presentation slides, audio files, video files, artwork, and charts. Furthermore, to provide these resources in formats that are simple enough to download, print, and share.

    AdventistCommons.org provides the following features:

    • Providing open access to high quality, contextualized, creative commons-licensed evangelistic resources from various Adventist departments and publishers.
    • Harnessing the power of church members and publishing houses to aid in rapid real-time translation to any language of the world.
    • Using cloud-based technology to automate and centralize the publishing and translation process, while simultaneously decentralizing availability, access, and distribution of resources.