Updated: 9 Jun 2020


    1. How can I download print files?

      Select the product you would like to download. If it already exists in your language, you will see a button to download the PDF file directly. If the translation does not exist or is still in progress, you will be notified when a new translation becomes available. You will not be able to download PDF files until the entire publishing process is complete.

    2. The translation for a certain product is complete but the print file does not appear. Why is that?

      After a translation is completed, it takes us several days to make sure that the final layout is perfectly adjusted for your language. Please check back after a few days.

    3. What format of files are offered for download?

      The files will be available online and in PDF and EPub format.

    4. Who oversees the theological content in these resources?

      Every resource is carefully proofread for theological content by selected Adventist theologians and missiologists under the direction of the Middle East and North Africa Union or other Adventist institutions or publishers.


    1. When will you have products available in my language?

      We depend on volunteers to translate materials. Join us, recruit others in your church, and help us to to make materials available sooner.

    2. When will the website platform itself be made available in my language?

      We are working hard to implement this and other features. Please consider to donate to Adventist Commons via Patreon to speed up the development work.

    3. Who ensures the quality of the translations?

      We rely on a team of volunteer collaborators for each language group to cross-check translation. Professional translators and proofreaders onlu can give final approval.


    1. Who owns the copyright for these products?

      All products are owned by the respective entities listed. Each product will be licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License (CC BY-ND 4.0) to the user who downloads a product.

    2. Who owns the copyright for translated text or user contributions?

      When you register on Adventist Commons you agree to our terms of use. By contributing to Adventist Commons you agree to transfer your copyright to Adventist Commons. This will allows us to share translated products freely with others, without committing copyright infridegments.

    3. Do we need to pay for anything on this platform?

      There is never any fee for downloading, printing, or sharing any of the available resources on this website.

    4. Am I allowed to share these files with others?

      You are free to print or send PDF files digital to others.

    5. Am I allowed to adapt the text?

      Adapting the text is not permitted but you are allowed to share the products as they are, free of charge. If you make changes to any of the PDF files you lose the legal right of distributing our files in any form or format. If there is something in the text that you think could be improved, please contact us with your suggestions, and we will be happy to try and make improvements or offer you an adapted product.


    1. How can I donate?

      Please donate through https://www.patreon.com/adventistcommons.

    2. How are my donations used?

      Your donation will be used for the development of our website and products such as sharing books, Bible study guides, tracts, and other resources.

    3. Are donations tax-deductible?

      Donations through Patreon are not tax-deductable yet. Donations are only tax deductable if sent to the Middle East and North Africa Union through the General Conference via check. Funds should be marked for "MENA Publishing – Adventist Commons". If you decide to send a check, please inform us via the feedback form on the bottom of this page for proper allocation.


    1. Who can be a volunteer?

      Any Adventist member who has a burden to see free Adventist resources shared throughout the least-reached parts of the world. We are always looking for professional translators and web developers to enhance both the web experiences as well as product availability.

    2. Do we get paid for our work?

      At times, we may be able to remunerate for specific tasks to complete urgent projects, however, in general, we rely on a volunteer base.

    3. Does my volunteer work count as church employment?

      No, it counts as voluntary contribution to support the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.


    1. How does this project relate to current publishing operations around the world?

      This initiative is complementary to current publishing operations, in that it focuses primarily on free evangelistic sharing resources. It does not focus on trade or subscription books.